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Overseas Asian Dating Scams to Avoid

Many western men find themselves the victims of fraud and scams from Asian women abroad. Here are some…

Misrepresentation can start with pictures. You may start your search for an Asian woman by enrolling in one of the numerous dating sites. Once you have established a contact, you will then commonly switch your communication to chatting on Yahoo Messenger. Here is where your Asian girl will send you pictures via file transfer. Be prepared to see many beautiful photos that will excite you. But…the chances are, they will not be pictures of the real girl. 75% to 80% of Asian girls you chat with on Yahoo Messenger will send you fake pictures of pretty models. It can be humorous when two or more girls send you the same pictures.

Some girls are even more daring. They may actually claim to be a well-known model or actress, sending you “candid” pictures which they have found on the web. They don’t seem to care about lawsuits for misrepresentation. They do it anyway.

To determine what your foreign Asian girl really looks like, you will want and need to see her on webcam. Occasionally – but only occasionally – a girl may show herself on cam to you without asking for money. When you find such a girl, treasure her, for she is honest, and the rare exception. Most girls will ask you to send them money to rent a cam. But, while it generally costs no more than $5 US to rent a webcam at an Internet café, most girls will ask for considerably more – often $35 or $40 US. They may say they need extra money for food or medicine.

Be prepared for the fact that many – if not a majority – of girls you wire money to for webcam rental will grab your money and disappear. Other girls will ask that you buy them their own webcam so they can chat privately, exclusively, and frequently with you alone. Hah!

There is also the “private room” scam. Many girls will offer to show you their bodies naked in an Internet café private room. Obviously this costs more. And while it is true that many girls will indeed offer you cyber sex from a private room, the changes are greater that you will forever part with your “private room” money sent.

Then there is the popular travel scam. It is common, for example, for a filipina to tell you she is a nurse on her way to the U.S. or Canada to work in a hospital. She will show pictures in a nurse’s uniform. And will even send you photos of her nurse’s certificate and visa – all forged. Her scam will be to tell you she is stuck in transit in Hong Kong or Tokyo or in Los Angeles and desperately needs money for unexpected airport terminal fees or for overnight hotel stay. She will send you a detailed itinerary showing the airlines and times – all of which she has simply lifted from the airline’s website. It’s all BS and is easily discovered by asking tricky questions about the airport or hotel where she is. She will always make at least one stupid mistake.

It is easy to be tempted by seeming heartfelt love messages and beautiful photos.

Just let caution and skepticism be your guide.


Online Chatting Tips

ONLINE CHATTING TIP #1: Who are you really chatting with?

This is the first in a series of brief articles I shall be writing on the benefits and pitfalls of online chatting, including how to prevent loss of money on poorly chosen chatmates. Those of us who have chosen to date Asian women for their many attributes have met many of our dates online. We have already learned one valuable truism. If you want to gain maximum benefit from the well-known feminine traits of the Asian woman, such as her caring, supportive, giving, loving, and passionate nature, then be careful about bringing her here across the ocean. Many western men prefer to limit their romantic encounters and adventures to Asian countries, because when brought here, many Asian women become westernized and lose some of their endearing gentleness.

But whether you choose to date your Asian beauties here or abroad, you will likely first meet most of them online. And here is where you must really know how the game is played. Online dating and chatting is rampant with deception and fraud. On the simplest level, many girls exaggerate or outright lie about their age, work, background, and experience. Commonly, women post pictures that are 10 years old, or display professional studio shots that are heavily retouched. Worse — and it is vital that you know how common this is — many Asian girls will post fake pictures of pretty models to entice men. In my experience, as many as 75% or more of filipinas in particular do this.

Two other deceptions face you in online chatting. Some girls you chat with can actually be shemales posing as girls. Others may be men just trying to get your money. Some of the shemales look remarkably girl-like. But they can be plentiful in the Philippines. All of this points to the essential need to see a girl on webcam as soon as possible. It is the best way to see how she acts, how she smiles, her taste in clothes, her sense of humor, etc. — none of which you can tell from a photograph alone.

Chatting with girls cam to cam poses its own challenges and pitfalls. I will address this in another article.

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Nurse scam

A common scam from the Philippines is filipinas who claim to be nurses on their way to hospital work in Vancouver.  I was contacted by five different girls because I live in Vancouver.  It was always the same story.  They were stranded in China or Hong Kong or Los Angeles and just needed help to pay the “transfer fee” or money for overnight stay at the airport hotel.  It was laughable how many girls seemed to (a) be coming to Vancouver and (b) found themselves “stranded.”

The request is usually for about $45 to $50.   Of course they can’t explain how, if they can’t afford the $45 or $50, they will then survive in Vancouver till their first paycheck.  It’s all BS, of course.  It can actually be fun catching them in their lies.  For instance, when a girl says she is staying at a nearby Los Angeles hotel, I’ll say “Oh it must be the Warner Plaza Hotel at LAX because that’s where most transfer travelers stay.”  They’re always stupid enough to say, “yes.”  As a former Los Angelino, I know there is no such hotel.

They’ll be quick to email you a detailed flight schedule with transfer cities, times, etc.  which they’ve just pulled from online airline schedules.  But they often get caught by specifying an Asian airline that never flies to the States or Canada.  Or, for instance, saying they are stuck in Beijing waiting for their flight to Vancouver.  They’re too dumb to know that no flight from Manila to Vancouver would ever go through Beijing.  Through Tokyo and Hong Kong, but never through Beijing.

I suspect that most of these nurse travel scams originate in Zamboanga which seems to be the main hotbed of scams in the Philippines.  I marvel at how many girls find out that I live in Vancouver.  I’m sure they pull the same BS on guys living in New York or Boston or Los Angeles, as well.  Just be careful, wherever you live.

Beware this common hoax

When chatting with filipinas over the Internet, beware this common hoax.  A girl calling herself Kim Reyes sends pictures of herself that are really pictures of Angel Locsin, a well-known filipina actress.  She claims her real name is Kim Reyes and her professional name is Angel Locsin.  As much as 75% or more of filipinas send fake pictures of pretty models or actresses to attract men.  This is a good example.