Which Asian Women Are the Best Lovers

Men who have dated Asian women can debate this subject for hours on end. For some, the Chinese woman is the best lover. For others, the Korean. For still others, the Filipina. Here are some of the arguments, based on talks with an admittedly small number of experienced western men…

Korean women score very high on the best-lover scale. Their high cheek-boned facial beauty and sensual full-breasted bodies positively exude sex. And that image translates into action in the bedroom. They are lustful and enjoy the pure pleasure of animal sex.

The Japanese woman is considered more passive. She is more gentle and loving. She will often make herself available to you quietly – without reluctance but also without excitement. She makes you feel that she is giving herself to you rather than actively participating. This can disappoint the virile man with a strong sex drive.

The Chinese woman presents an interesting dilemma. She can be extraordinarily beautiful with matchless natural smooth skin that needs no make-up. However, she can disappoint men who prefer full breasts. Chinese women are commonly flat-chested. But there is another curiosity. Many Chinese women don’t like to kiss. It is either a cultural tradition or a feeling that it is somehow not sanitary to mix salivas. In any case, it is frustrating for the man who enjoys lovemaking foreplay.

The Thai woman combines a love for raw sex with the desire to make love. She can be very cute, if not exotically beautiful. She gives to her man and while expecting integrity and commitment, she is not as clingy as women from Japan and China can be. Thai girls also often start their sex live at an early age. While it is a discomforting thought, some western men travel to Bangkok specifically to have sex with young girls. Men who visit Thailand must be wary of STDs. AIDS is quite common, if not rampant.

For some men, Filipinas are the best lovers. There are three key reasons. One, the Filipina is more full-breasted than the Chinese and simply sexier. Two, the Filipinas seem to have a tradition of free love. The Filipina woman requires very little coaxing to join you in bed. It is as natural to them as brushing their teeth. And on the subject of cleanliness, the Filipina is fastidious about her hygiene. She will always want to take a long shower before making love. Finally, she offers a huge benefit to older men. Age difference means nothing to the Filipina woman. A young woman of 22 thinks nothing of taking a 65-year-old man as her lover.

This writer has intimate experience with women of Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and the Philippines. I cannot compare women from Vietnam, Malaysia, or Indonesia. That is for you to explore and discover.


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  1. Dwight Clark Said:

    I’m really into philipina as well as japanese women. IN my opinion, they are not only more exotic, but also know just how to make a man feel loved.

    They say that aisia women are to be obedient, especially, the japanese woman. But to me, Here in the USA, I feel that
    everything should be on a 50/50 basis. I’ve talked w/ several
    philpine women, and when I was attached to one, she always
    called me “her boss,” which, I told her that I wasn’t her boss,
    that everything here, in the USA, is on an equal basis, I mean, 50/50. That we share everything, the housework, the cooking, the decisions concerninig the household, ect.

    But, if you haveta get, and/or, find one, thru dating sites, I must caution any man to be extra careful, for there are ladies out there, who are just do’n this just to get citizenship, here, in the good ol’ USA. I’ve heard that they’ll just marry you, to get here, then they’ll divorce you. But, i’ll always help if you have some kind of legal agreement that she isn’t here to just marry you, then divorce you. You’ll need an attorney, in order to make the agreement completely legal.

    Once you have that, then, if she ever wants a divorce, all you’ll need to do is to remind her about the agreement that
    she agreed to sign, before Your marriage takes place.

    Also remember this, when and if, she gets here, if u bring her here on a K1 visa(and she has kids(a K2 visa,but, they
    can come in on their mother’s K1 visa, unless the rules have changed), You’ll need to be married, within 3 months to be married to her, or, she has to go back to her native country.
    This is the information that I’ve mentioned, I’ve not only seen on visa websites, but, I’ve also been told, via word of mouth, that’s why, I’m protecting myself, should I bring a foreign lady over her to be married to me.

    And, guys, I suggest that U do the same, to protect yourselves, should this need ever arise. And, it “could” be the same thing for the american ladies too. This advise would cover you as well.

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