My new book- How to Get Young Asian Women in Bed

OK, I did it. I finished the book about bedding young Asian women my many friends have been begging me to write. Those friends, young and old alike, have been amazed by (and envious of)  my repeated success with sexy Asian girls from 19 to 25. They look at my paunch, see my scuffed shoes, and know I don’t have the dough to buy these youthful fillies. Yet they know my amorous adventures are true. Some have traveled with me and seen me in action. They’ve pressed me to share my secrets with the world.

I resisted for awhile, thinking why should I invite competition. But there are, after all, gazillions of young girls in the early 20s out there. Even if I could repeat my record of bedding 6 different girls in one day, I could never corner them all. There’s plenty to go around. So why not? It’s done. My unique guide, How to Get Young Asian Women in Bed is finished and now ready for any and all older men who’ve wanted the exciting thrill of scoring with hot young Asian cuties in their 20s.

Here is some of what you will discover in my new guide:

* The easiest-to-bed women in the world

* How to get young women of 19-25 wild for you

* How to juggle several girls at once

* How to get 3, 4, or 5 girls in bed on the same day (I’ve had 6)

* The little-known best places to pick up eager young chicks who are “hot to trot”

* How to get young women in bed on the very first date

* How to avoid costly dinners and cut right to the chase

* The allure of Asian women

All this and more is yours to discover in “How to Get Young Asian Women in Bed.”

You can immediately download it here:

Read it. Enjoy it. Go for it.


“How to Get Young Asian Women in Bed”


  1. ecpod Said:

    Interesting.. Where can i buy this book?

    Hey check out this asian girl too 🙂

  2. ecpod Said:

    Opps sorry i just saw you did put a link to get the book. Will check it out dude.

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