Comparing Asian Women

Those of us who have been to Asia enjoy friendly banter over where the prettiest girls are. I’ve had intimate experiences with girls from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. Let me offer my own pros and cons of each and conclude with my vote for the best and why.

China: Chinese women can be mind-bogglingly beautiful. Especially when in their 20s and 30s. Their faces are beautiful with no need for make-up, their bodies slim, their wondrous long black hair alluring. They can also be supportive — though less passionately so than filipinas. They combine a softness of heart with an iron inner strength and will. They can be a great financial partner. They know how to control and manage money.

However, there are drawbacks. If you are a breast man, forget it. Many Chinese girls are as flat as a board. Also, it is a curious habit among Chinese girls not to kiss. So if romantic foreplay is important to you, you’ll be frustrated. Finally, In my experience, Chinese women lose their softness as they get older. Once they hit their 40s and beyond, they become hard, aggressive, and loud-voiced. So, better to catch them when they are young and decide if you want to stay with them later.

Japan: I like Japanese girls because, for one thing, I love the Japanese culture. My favorite food is Japanese. My favorite gardens are japanese designs. I admire their arts such as origami. On the one hand, the traditional Japanese girl is soft, demure, supportive of her man. On the other hand, Japan is westernized and so today’s Japanese girl can instead be more independent and less submissive (if that’s important to you). Physically, I find Japanese girls not nearly as pretty as girls from China, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. Nor have I found them as passionate. They are not my first choice.

Korea: Korean girls have much to offer. Their facial bone structure can make them dramatically beautiful and a solid 9 on the sex appeal scale of 10. They often have great bodies with ripe, full breasts. Best of all, they can be really passionate in the sack. In general you won’t find a better or more exciting bed partner. They can also offer the attribute of being less dependent and thus less clinging. The only drawback for mature men is that Korean girls are less willing to accept an older man. They prefer partners no more than 8 or 10 years their senior. Alas, in my 60s, I find them the hardest to seduce.

Thailand: Much has been said and written about the beauty of Thai women. My feelings about Thai girls are mixed. In my vist to Bangkok, I marveled at the number of really striking young girls in their late teens or very early twenties. But it was curious to see how few beautiful women in their mid twenties and older were around. I figured they must be kept in private apartments by wealthy lovers. You can find very pretty Thai girls in the outlying reaches of the country. But the problem there is that they speak little English.

The Thai girl can be very sweet and giving but, for some curious reason, they may not retain that loyalty as long as the filipina girl. Many men travel to Bangkok to sample the wares at the famous red light district there, where many of the girls are dangerously young. A final risk is that AIDS is a major problem in Thailand. Caution is the word of the day.

The Philippines: Filipina girls, in my opinion, are uniquely appealing. They are far more beautiful than you would expect. Don’t judge them by the filipinas you meet in the U.S. or Canada. In Cebu, Manila, Makati, Bacolod, and elsewhere in the country you will find hundreds and hundreds of real beauties. They are far more voluptuous than Chinese or Japanese girls with gorgeous full breasts. And they are safer than Thai girls. AIDS is far less common in the Philippines. The filipina is also genuinely supportive. Sure, they seek security. But in return they consider it their duty as part of their culture to really take care of their man. You will see many much older western men in the Philippines with 22 year old girlfriends.

They can be unsurpassed as bed partners. They quickly fall in love and give their heart. It is their joy and utmost desire to make passionate love with you, not just give you quick sex. The flip side is that they can be hard to say goodbye to. They are tenacious in their pursuit of the man they want. So once you have bedded a filipina, be prepared that she will assume she is your faithful and committed girlfriend, and she will expect the same commitment from you.

Conclusion: On balance, for my taste and based on my experiences, I’ll take the filipina. That’s my two cents worth. You need to compare and judge for yourself.

RickaThis is Ricka a very pretty and honest filipina who lives on Mindanao



  1. alphaheretic Said:

    Have you been to Cambodia? I’d be interested in your take on Khmer women.

  2. asiandatingtips Said:

    I have not had the pleasure of being with a Cambodian woman yet, though I do find them generally attractive and sexy and more down to earth. Perhaps in the future I’ll get a chance to spend some time in Cambodia.

  3. sexyasianwoman Said:

    Wow, I think your summary of a Filipina is very good.

    I would not know about the other Asian Girls, but I’m sure that Filipina’s have to be the best.


    Leslie – The Hot Filipina

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